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District Governor

2024 is Looking Bright in Florida!

Citrus District 2 was Voted the Best District at the Ahepa Supreme Convention last summer in Las Vegas for 2022. Now, we are again #1 in Growth for 2023! In fact, we just Surpassed Membership statistics going back over 15 years!  Citrus District 2 is Booming!

Not only has Membership of our Chapters Grown, we have Increased our District by Reactivating 4 Chapters. They are;  Ahepa#464 Winter Haven, Ahepa#463 Sarasota, Ahepa#533 Naples & Ahepa#476 Kendall, Miami.

Our Facebook Page, AHEPA Citrus District 2 – Florida, Bahamas, Puerto Rico has surpassed over 1,000 Followers. Some of our Ahepa & DOP Events (with pictures) are posted there too.

We hired a Professional Webmaster & Digital Marketing Expert to revamp and manage our Website (, and publish a 1st Class Newsletter, that is “Blast emailed” on the 1st and 15th of every month to every Ahepan, Daughters of Penelope, Sons of Pericles & Maids of Athena throughout our District.

Ahepa & DOP chapters in District 2 now have the opportunity to Advertise their Events, completely Free of Charge, and as frequently as they wish, to help Promote their events. These Ahepa & DOP Events, will be Featured in our District 2 Newsletter, reaching every Ahepa & DOP member of District 2, Twice a Month, leading up to the event date.

We take Pride in our Hellenic Culture. Every year, our entire Ahepa Family marches in the Greek Independence Day Parade, held in Tarpon Springs. Ahepans & DOP throughout Florida (and beyond) meet at our Ahepa Tarpon Springs clubhouse for some fellowship, then we all Gather to march together.

We are now planning a Spectacular 3 Day District 2 Convention in Orlando, which will be held on June 6th to 9th. Complete with a Golf Tournament, Pajama Party, 50’s Dance and a Grand Banquet. We don’t just have meetings, we have fun fun fun! So come join us!

You may ask, how do we get so much done? By enlisting the help of some of the “Best” in our District. See below, the Pictures of 17 Professionals, most are either Past District Governors or Past Supreme Governors with many years of Experience and with the Knowledge & Eagerness to help make us the Best!

But, we are not done yet! There is still more work that needs to get done! Florida is a huge State, more Chapters need to be reactivated, and areas within our huge State have Churches that need the support of new Ahepa Chapters.

We will continue working hard in 2024, and continue having fun, as we now strive to become the Largest Ahepa District Internationally.

We are Blessed!

Demetrios “Jimmy” Makris
Citrus District 2 Governor
Florida, Bahamas & Puerto Rico


Demetrios “Jimmy” Makris

District 2 Governor

William “Bill” Paul

District Lt. Governor

Christian Chicles

District 2 Secretary

James Sirks

District 2 Treasurer

George J. Jonson

District Warden

Dino Giallourakis

District 2 Advisor to the Sons of Pericles | District 2 Marshall

James Constantine

District 2 Public Relations Director

Gus Pantelides

District 2 Athletic Director

Kurt Panouses

District 2 Athletic Director (Basketball)

Michael Pantel

District 2 Athletic Director (Golf)

Peter Theophanous

District 2 Hellenic & Cypriot Affairs Director

Gerald “Jerry” Galovic

District 2 Advisor

Kostas Sofikitis

Supreme Governor of Region 1

Domino Giallourakis

District 2 Membership Director

Charles Stamoulis

Chairman of the Citrus District 2 Educational Foundation
Dean Vonetes AHEPA Citrus District 2 Historian

Dean Vonetes

AHEPA Citrus District 2 Historian
Michael Trimis Citrus District 2 Governance Director

Michael Trimis

Citrus District 2 Governance Director