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District Governor

Welcome to 2023!

Dear Members,

Ahepa District 2 is a substantial district covering the flourishing and sought-after state of Florida. We are committed to supporting our chapters in their growth endeavors. To achieve this, we made a significant move – we hired a skilled Webmaster & Digital Marketing Specialist from East Coast Digital Marketing, an Ahepan owned business.

This professional has not only developed a polished website ( but has also created an outstanding Newsletter. Our District 2 Newsletter is a valuable resource, providing the latest and most up-to-date information on events from all Ahepa & DOP chapters across District 2, spanning the entire state of Florida.

Now, Ahepa & DOP chapters in District 2 have the opportunity to submit their events to our professional Webmaster, completely free of charge, and as frequently as they wish. Ahepa District 2 is taking the initiative to promote these events, also at no cost. These event highlights will be featured in the District 2 Newsletter, reaching every Ahepa & DOP member of District 2 twice a month, leading up to the event date.

This milestone marks a substantial achievement for our District, as it not only enables our Ahepa & DOP chapters to showcase their exceptional events for free but also contributes to the growth of our chapter memberships.

Best regards,

Demetrios “Jimmy” Makris


Demetrios “Jimmy” Makris

District 2 Governor

William “Bill” Paul

District Lt. Governor

Christian Chicles

District 2 Secretary

James Sirks

District 2 Treasurer

George J. Jonson

District Warden

Dino Giallourakis

District 2 Advisor to the Sons of Pericles | District 2 Marshall

James Constantine

District 2 Public Relations Director

Gus Pantelides

District 2 Athletic Director

Kurt Panouses

District 2 Athletic Director (Basketball)

Michael Pantel

District 2 Athletic Director (Golf)

Peter Theophanous

District 2 Hellenic & Cypriot Affairs Director

Gerald “Jerry” Galovic

District 2 Advisor

Kostas Sofikitis

Supreme Governor of Region 1

Domino Giallourakis

District 2 Membership Director

Charles Stamoulis

Chairman of the Citrus District 2 Educational Foundation
Dean Vonetes AHEPA Citrus District 2 Historian

Dean Vonetes

AHEPA Citrus District 2 Historian